Web 2.0

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What is web 2.0? There is no clear definition for the above term in fact it’s taken the life in a way the web has been used. But the concept as such more toward two way communication very much dynamic phase of web. Web 2.0 inherited the attributes of socialize, collaborative, interactive and responsive web. Therefore we are completely changing the way we used to interact with web, Internet, People and as well as business, in fact it changes the thinking Patten of all these extremes.

Web 2.0 is about harnessing collective intelligence, but this would not be possible without the technology to support it. Due to technology enhancement web applications could stand among the Internet users to operate as a knowledgebase hub.

* AJAX is a technology which design to be central concept of web 2.0. It is very much interactive and fast response because it will not spend the time for refresh. It simply displays what user asking for very mush responsive.

* Mashup is a concept which combines web pagers or applications with two or more external sources to create a new service. This concept is very much inline with web 2.0. In fact the revolution of web 2.0 has grabbed the concept for more use of constant changing enterprises.

* Blogging is a very popular concept in the context of social networking not only that Google AdSense, Flickr, BitTorrent, Napster, Wikipedia, search engine optimization, cost per click, web services, participation, wikis & syndication are a few concepts and technologies which help the revolution of so call web 2.0.

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