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What is open source? That means in a software for which  source codes  and certain other rights normally reserved for copyrights holders are provided under a software license  that meets the Open source definition . This permits users to use, change, and improve the software, and to redistribute it in modified or unmodified forms. It is very often developed in a public, collaborative manner. Open source software is the most prominent example of open source development and often compared to user generated content. The term open source software originated as part of a marketing campaign for free software.

In undeveloped countries they are mostly using the open source software’s .There are so many examples for that .If we want to develop a web site there r so many solutions in the open source .PHP is a good example for it .We know PHP is a open source server side programming language when we are using a PHP script file we need a server, no need to worry we have a open source server APACHE, and we need a DATA BASE there are so many open source databases, like MYSQL.

We can use open source CMS software’s for develop a web page easily. There are so many open source CMS software s in the internet we can download and use source operating systems also have like linux.we no need license for that.